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        • High - voltage motor maintenance
        • High - voltage motor maintenance
        • High - voltage motor maintenance

        Company Overview

        Contact us

        Contact: Wang Yun

        Mobile: 15806202008

        Telephone: +86 512-62752166

        Fax: +86 512-62753166

        Website: www.bomao118.com

        Address: 9 / F, Zigzag Building, Eggerhall Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City

        Company Profile

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        Jiangsu Risman Energy-saving Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful "paradise" Suzhou, is an innovative with independent intellectual property rights, focusing on energy-efficient motor upgrade professional and technical team, the company thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development and innovation-driven development strategy, With the characteristics of independent innovation, with the integrated use of high technology as the core, to conserve resources and energy, to protect the environment for features to promote green manufacturing, circular economy as the main thrust of the main energy-saving technologies and products are "inefficient motor permanent magnetization remanufacturing Technology "," motor energy-saving intelligent monitoring system. "

        Suzhou Reese Man Machinery Co., Ltd. is the first-class professional sales and maintenance company, the company for the whole society to provide a wide range of after-sales maintenance services, and actively undertake the equipment factory services outsourcing business. With a number of well-known motor manufacturers to accept the insurance, security and emergency repairs near the designated sentinel maintenance business, is a number of internationally renowned brands of professional air compressor repair motor repair business.

        Suzhou Riseman Machinery Co., Ltd


        Certification        Certification

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