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        • High - voltage motor maintenance
        • High - voltage motor maintenance
        • High - voltage motor maintenance

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        Safety Precautions for Motor Maintenance

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        Safety Precautions for Motor Maintenance

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        Motor maintenance First of all, the workers in the motor maintenance, to cut off all the power, and wear insulated shoes, insulated gloves and other protective measures. And the motor placed in a dry and stable position, ready to fire equipment.

        Second, the maintenance of the use of professional maintenance tools, not free to beat. For the motor that has been disassembled, keep the parts in good condition, and deal with the bare wires, and wrap them with insulating cloth.

        Third, to use professional testing tools for testing, and to ensure that the connection wires, switches, sockets and other insulation is good. In particular, the motor in the power test to be carried out before the inspection, chassis to ground.

        Fourth, in the entire maintenance process, if the way to leave, to check whether the equipment has been passive. During the motor maintenance test, it is strictly forbidden for anyone to stay near the equipment. Once the connection is wrong, it is very dangerous for the people nearby.

        Finally, the motor must be carefully inspected before starting the various components, there is no problem before they can power. After the start by the temperature, sound, etc. to determine the state of the motor. After the work, to clean up the scene, and cut off the power.

        In fact, the motor failure is not inevitable, in use, we must regularly check for timely detection of abnormal motor maintenance, this can effectively reduce the occurrence of motor failure to ensure that our normal use, you can also save one ratio Small maintenance costs for motor repairs.

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