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        What original data should be recorded before motor maintenance of explosion-proof motor

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        What original data should be recorded before motor maintenance of explosion-proof motor

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        Before the motor is repaired, all the data that can be recorded about the motor should be recorded as far as possible:

        (1) Nameplate data: motor model, rated power, rated voltage, rated current, load duration, rated speed, manufacturer, factory number and time, insulation grade, protection grade, etc. tE time should also be recorded for increased safety motor.

        (2) Measurement of iron core data: measure the length of stator rotor iron core, the inner and outer diameters of stator iron core, and the size of the number of slots in the iron core. For iron cores with ventilation slots, the width and number of slots should be recorded.

        (3) Measurement of winding data: find out the structure type of the winding, the number of parallel wires, the pitch of the winding, the number of parallel branches, the diameter of the wire, the number of turns of the coil, the number of conductors in each groove and the insulation level. Draw the original winding connection drawing or winding development drawing, measure the end length of winding coil, it is better to leave a complete coil as the basis for making winding die; Record the dimensions, insulation levels, and outlet cable specifications of groove insulation, wedges, and pads.

        (4) For the wound rotor, the size and graphic size of each part of the rotor should be recorded in detail, including the distance between the iron core and the head sleeve, the overlap length of the insulation on the end side of the coil and other motor maintenance.

        (5) Keep a detailed record of the causes of motor failure, repair items and requirements.

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